CDG Library

12/03/2019 - "2018 Year in Review" (Warwick Reynolds, Barrister at 9 Windeyer Chambers)

23/11/2018 - NSW Claims Discussion Group Christmas Lunch Invitation

29/08/2018 - "‘Dos and Don’ts’ of Briefing an Expert" (Adjunct Professor Dr John Cooke, UNSW)

31/07/2018 - "Hot Tub with some of the industry's hottest" (Peter Ford of McCabe Curwood,  Lee Hagipantelis of Brydens Lawyers and John Turnbull SC of 9 Windeyer Chambers)

19/06/2018 - "Consumer Law in Personal Injury Claims" (Warwick Reynolds, Barrister at 9 Windeyer Chambers)

10/04/2018 - "Large Property Claims Database - 2017 Observations" (Adam Matteson, National Portfolio Manager for Commercial Property, Construction and Engineering at Suncorp)

13/02/2018 - "Section 54 and Duty of Utmost Good Faith" (Nicholas Olson and Peter Mann, Barristers at Ground Floor Wentworth Chambers)

17/10/2017 - NSW Claims Discussion Group Christmas Lunch Invitation 

11/09/2017 - "Third Party Claims on Insurance Funds: the Charge is Over" (Ivan Griscti, Barrister at Level 22 Chambers) (Discussion Paper / Power Point). 

18/07/2017 - "Defective Construction Products - Implications for Insurers" (Charles Thornley, Lander & Rogers Lawyers)

03/05/2017 - "Mediation Handbook" (Karen Stott of ADR & Mediation Services)

30/03/2017 - Reference Guide for Internet Searches prepared by Nemesis Consultancy Group

27/02/2017- "Review of Interesting Common Law Cases determined in 2016" (Warwick Reynolds, Barrister at 9 Windeyer Chambers)

12/10/2016 - NSW Claims Discussion Group Christmas Lunch Invitation 

20/09/2016 - "Aftermath of the Selig decision: proportionate liability in the context of claims with multiple causes of action" (Ivan Griscti, Level 22 Chambers)

15/03/2016 - "The Big Bang Theory" (David North and Bob Weireter at Swiss Re)

09/02/2016 - "Interesting cases in 2016" (Warwick Reynolds, Barrister at 9 Windeyer Chambers)

19/05/2015 - "The revival of Third Party Declaratory Relief Applications against Insurers" (Katherine Ruschen and Louise Moussa of YPOL)

19/05/2015 - LIfe after Chubb v Moore (Katherine Ruschen and Louise Moussa of YPOL) 

17/03/2015 - The Impact of Terrorism on Insurance (Rob Mercer and Ed Einfeld of Lander & Rogers Lawyers)

10/02/2015 - #2015theyearahead (Sean O'Connor (Partner, Wotton+Kearney) and Heidi Nash-Smith (Partner, Wotton+Kearney))

27/10/2014 - NSW Claims Discussion Group Christmas Lunch Invitation 

14/10/2014 - Illegal Property by Peter Bennett (Partner, Holman Webb Lawyers)

19/08/2014 - NCAT by Ray Giblett (Partner, Norton Rose Fulbright Australia )

15/07/2014 – Recent development in key issues for Common Law claims by Warwick Reynolds (Barrister at 9 Windeyer Chambers)

18/04/2014 -  Changes to Privacy Laws by Alex Haslam (Partner, Gilchrist Connell)

18/02/2014 - Hot Legal Topics in 2014 Presentation by David Kearney (Chief Executive Partner, Wotton + Kearney)and Sean O'Connor (Partner, Wotton + Kearney)

03/12/2013 - LexisNexis Practical Guidance Module Brochure

03/12/2013 - LexisNexis Practical Guidance Toolkit Brochure

17/09/2013 - Cyber-risk Insurance Presentation by Nick Abrahams (Partner, Norton Rose Fulbright Australia) and Leisa Mikkelsen (Special Counsel, Norton Rose Fulbright Australia)

23/07/2013 - NDIS/NIIS Presentation by Lucinda Lyons (Partner, Lee and Lyons Lawyers) and Joseph Callaghan (Senior Associate, Lee and Lyons Lawyers)

18/06/2013 - The Lloyd's Market Presentation by Adrian Humphreys (Lloyd's General Representative in Australia, Lloyd's Australia Limited)

21/05/2013 - Tried and Tested Defences in Product Liability Matters Presentation by Lorraine Gallagher (Partner, Wilson Elser LLP (US)), Roy Watson (Consultant, DibbsBarker Lawyers) and Kelli Stallard (Partner, DibbsBarker Lawyers)

30/04/2013 - Class actions in Australia Presentation by Michael Mills (Partner, Herbert Smith Freehills)